Why is the game of golf so popular in Canada?

There are many reasons why the game of golf is so popular in Canada. Some believe it is because Canadians love being outdoors, regardless of the season, while others say it's because Canadians love anything that requires a mix of skill and strategy. Perhaps it's because Canadian winters can be unforgiving, making golfing an appealing year-round pastime? Whatever the reason may be, there are currently 2 million people in Canada who play golf on a regular basis. And with over 4000 courses to choose from across the country, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to teeing off in Canada.

Obviously it has to do with the fact that Canadians naturally love winter, cold temperatures and outdoor activities. Well, at least some Canadians. But there is more to it than this much more! People think playing golf in Canada is great for a couple reasons:

1) It's close by - everyone knows game #1 on our list of classic Canadian pastimes.

2) The weather is always perfect - unlike driving/walking/biking outside in actual Canadian winters. If you don't like winter sports then choosing golf as your sport isn't such a bad idea after all.

3) You can meet new people - which means you can hang out with new friends! For people who love meeting new people this is a bonus!

4) Dressing up - Ok let's admit it, that's people’ number 1 reason for enjoying golf. You get to dress in really nice clothes and feel all classy! Players love dressing up and then having a drink at the bar after their game... because they deserve it!

5) It's not expensive - well depending where you live people guess but basically there is an affordable option which means everyone can play if they want too. And this is always great because every Canadian deserves the chance to try out their own "Fancy Pants" experience.

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6) It's challenging and fun - who doesn't like a challenge? Whether you're playing with someone or by yourself, using your brain and thinking before you act is always beneficial. And with golf there is no such thing as a bad day or a bad round... maybe every once in a while but most of the time it's just fun!

7) It's not boring - most people can understand that playing golf for an entire afternoon will quickly become boring; after all we're only human. With that said, most courses (if played well and on your own terms) will challenge you to bring new things into the game like: imagination, strategy, creativity etc. This means that even if one day starts out boring because there are absolutely no birds around or other random animals throwing themselves at your ball then by the time your next tee-time comes up you'll have found something interesting to do and you'll be excited for your next round!

8) You get to wear bright colors - Wearing boring clothes is even worse than sitting in a room alone playing solitaire. People are not saying everyone should always dress like a peacock but every once and while wearing something that brings joy into your life can't hurt! And what better place to try out new styles than when you're on the golf course?! Ok maybe don't bring all of your different "fancy pants" with you; unless there's someone else who wants to see them... which would hopefully lead me to my final reason why it's great:

9) It's an excuse for people who love fashion/style/fashion style (whatever you want to call it) to go outside and show off what they've got. People haven't seen too many pure fashion blogs out there so if you're a fashion blogger and want an excuse to get outside where people might actually see your clothes then why not try the golf course!?

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