Why Golfers Need a Set of Resistance Loop Bands

By | May 7, 2016

Golfing is great fun for both professional players and for average people who simply love the sport as a hobby.  Golfing gets you out of the house so you can enjoy the glorious sunshine, catch up with friends and work out a bit.  There are few sports that alleviate stress as much as golfing does because the game helps you focus on the game and ball instead of all your problems.  Getting out and in the open is also great for improving your general health and for fighting depression.  But golfing is not a game that you can simply take lightly.  To become a good golfer, you also need to practice a lot, read up about how to improve your game a lot and you need to work out to strengthen your core muscles.

Workout with resistance loom bands

Amazon – exercise loop bands comes in sets of five rubber bands that vary in weight.  The set includes a light, medium, heavy and extra heavy band that you can use to alternate your workouts.  The stronger bands are used for your legs or for improving your muscles as you get stronger while the lighter bands can be used for beginning or for difficult arm exercises.  The bands are perfect for golfers because you can take them anywhere and you can get a full workout by using only these bands when you don’t have access to heavy gym equipment.

Why Golfers Need a Set of Resistance Loop Bands

Stretch it out before the game

The bands are perfect for sportsmen and women who love to warm up before a big game because they can stretch all of their muscles to their full potential by using the bands and they can do it before any game at any location since the bands can easily fit into their carry bags.

Recover from an injury

As a golfer, you probably know exactly what a wrong swing can do to your back or your arm muscles. The resistance bands are perfect for sports injuries because you can use them to target certain muscles in your back, arm, shoulder, hips or knees and stretch those muscles out when they have become painful after a big tear.

General workouts

As said before, the bands can be used for a full and complete workout when you don’t have access to a gym.  You never have to skip on workouts when you travel because the set can travel with you.  The top workouts you can do with loom bands include;

Lower body exercises – A series of workout stretches helps you target your but, thighs, knees, hips and stomach and strengthens muscles in these areas.

Upper body exercises – Golfers can strengthen their arm, shoulder and back muscles and strengthen their torso and stomach so they can maximize their swing strength on the course and prevent injuries.

General stretching – Stretching it out in the morning is an excellent way to start each day because you will become more and more flexible each day.

The resistance loom bands is a workout and therapy routine in your pocket that you can use anywhere and at any time and the best part is that these bands are incredibly affordable so get them now and improve your golf game instantly.