Earn Cash While Golfing With Photography

By | March 17, 2017

Golfing is one of the best sports there is.  With golfing you get a great workout that will keep you healthy for longer without putting your personal health at risk like with so many other sports that are loaded with sports injuries. But golfing can get expensive, especially if you love to journey to different golf courses in different locations and countries. There is however no better way to enjoy golfing than trying out all of the different courses because when you travel you can explore and enjoy different cultures, different scenery and different adventures.  A great way to earn some cash so you can cover some of your expenses while having fun is to become a golfing photographer.  You can capture fantastic shots of all of the wonderful courses out there, have fun in different locations and earn a great income or perhaps even get all of your golfing expeditions funded.

Earn Cash While Golfing With Photography

Learn to do photography

Photography isn’t something you develop overnight.  It takes quite a bit of practice and you need the right gear to become a professional photographer.  Online courses in photography is just what you need to get started because on these courses you will learn what gear you need to get started and you will be able to develop your skills much quicker.  On CreativeLive you learn wonderful photography skills like these;

Landscape photography – Learn how to take the best shots of golfing courses so you can remember every course you visit much more vibrantly and so you can earn cash from the landscape shots.

Portrait photography – Portrait photography will enable you to take great shots of golfers as they play.

Learn about lighting – Lighting is important, especially if you are practicing photography outdoors.

Learn to take action shots – When you can take great action shots you can photograph golfers in action which will also make you a much higher prized photographer.

Ways to earn cash from golfing pictures

Sell images on royalty pages – Lots of photograph sites allows you to sell your photographs online to businesses and graphic designers that use these images for marketing purposes.

Capture shots for sports events – You can provide photography services at sports events and capture wonderful shots for these events.

Capture shots for businesses – Lots of businesses would love to hire a professional photographer to capture action shots of their teams them as they play.

Earn from golf courses – Every golf course is a business that needs to frequently market to get people interested in the courses. You can earn from these courses by capturing landscape and action shots that they can use in business profiles, websites and for marketing purposes.

Start a golfing review site – If you also have good writing skills then perhaps you should consider starting a golfing review blog or website.  If your site becomes popular you can earn a lot of income from adverts and you will often get invites to sample golf courses and golfing gear for free just so the companies can get some good reviews on their products and services.