Health Benefits of Water Sports

By | July 21, 2018

Sports, as we all know is very important for our bodies, mind, and soul, and it is something that we should all try participating in. there are very many different types of sports out there, and it all depends with a person’s individual interests and the resources at their disposal. In this article, we are going to focus on water sports, looking at the health benefits of water sports.

It decreases your risk of chronic illnesses

One of the biggest advantages of water sports is the fact that it engages almost every muscle in the body. This increases the metabolism of the body and in turn increases appetite. This in turn means more energy and better immunity against chronic diseases.

It is a boon for people with arthritis

Water sports can improve the use of affected joints in a painless way, and especially swimming and snorkeling. This is because water has a fluid nature that is gentle and soothing to those aching joints. As a matter of fact, it is common to find patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis being treated with hydrotherapy.

It reduces the chances of chronic heart disease and diabetes

Diabetes and poor cardiovascular health can be a cause for panic to those suffering from those conditions, and what they need is plenty of exercises and minimal stress. Water sports tends to relax the body muscles and even just floating on water can work magic for those with heart problems.

Health Benefits of Water Sports

Health Benefits of Water Sports

The Best Bodyboards

Bodyboarding is one of the water sports that people can take part in. it is a non-motorized sport that can have huge benefits on the body. We are now going to review some of the best bodyboards according to Churchill Fins Review.

Winner – Morey 44” Big Kahuna Bodyboard

This bodyboard works best for people that are big and tall, being 44 inches in size, and can carry a weight of up to 200 pounds. Below are some of the features:

  • 44-inch size allows for big and tall users
  • Features a PE dow core for improved durability
  • IXL deck is 4mm thick
  • The board weighs 8 pounds in total
  • Features channels on the underside which are graduated
  • Crescent tail helps reduce wake resistance
  • 180 to 200 lbs weight limit

Runner Up – Wave Weapon Bodyboard Beach Attack Pack

This bodyboard works best for beginners, featuring a high-quality Own the Wave leash and an intuitive design. Aside from that, it is affordable. Below are some of the features of this board:

  • Available in 33”, 37”, and 41” sizes for maximum versatility
  • Comes in green, blue, and pink colors
  • Comes included with fin anchors
  • Includes an Own the Wave leash for your board
  • Features a PP slick on the outer layer
  • EPS Core improves the control and lowers the density of this board
  • 12-month warranty
  • If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back

Alternative – BPS Storm Bodyboard

Speed lovers should go for this bodyboard since it has a sleek bottom. Features include:

  • Available in all three typical sizes: 33 inches, 37 inches, and 41 inches
  • Color options: blue and purple, green and white, green and purple
  • Included leash is a coiled BPS model for convenience
  • Slick bottom helps keep this board faster than the competition
  • Features channels on the underside to aid in water flow
  • The crescent tail improves the quality of the wake
  • Constructed with an EPS core, as with most other quality boards

Alternative – California Board Company 44-inch MMAG Bodyboard

The contoured deck on this board means that it can be gripped better while the underside channels make it move faster.

  • A contoured deck for easier grip in tough waves
  • Arm wells and thumb bulbs help improve your hold on this model
  • EPS core for buoyancy
  • Slick bottom coupled with water channels for speed
  • Includes a coil wrist leash
  • Crescent tail design helps reduce the wake while providing a place to put your body

Alternative – Lucky Bums Bodyboard

Serious bodyboarders should opt for this bodyboard that comes in various styles. Features include:

  • Comes in all three standard sizes: 33 inches, 37 inches, and 41 inches
  • Available in four colors: red, green, blue, and pink
  • EPS core coupled with high-density polyethylene construction ensures buoyancy
  • Slick bottom helps improve the performance of this bodyboard
  • Includes a leash that is for both children and adults
  • Comes included with a money-back guarantee
  • Weight limits range from 65 lbs. for the 33-inch model to 190 lbs. for the 41-inch model


Water sports are very beneficial to the health as you’ve noted from the points mentioned above, and that is a reason why we should all consider taking part in them. There are many different water sports to suit different interests and resources. One of them is bodyboarding and the reason why we reviewed the best bodyboards above.